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Stucco Access Doors and Panels

Aside from its ability to withstand wind, rain and temperature changes, stucco can provide a unique and stylish siding for both commercial and residential buildings. That is why most clients prefer this type of siding material. If your clients specifically requested the same material finishing, be sure to meet their needs by finding a quality access door that matches stucco’s strength and durability. 

A stucco access door helps protect the utilities from the elements, such as moisture, heat, and wind, and gives easy access to maintenance and adjustments. When installing this door, you will need a metal lath to ensure that it is firmly placed into the wall surface. Only the panel remains exposed once the installation procedure is completed. 

The exterior insulated access door that we offer at Access Panels is ideal to install in stucco siding. Our galvanized steel panels can withstand years of exposure to severe outdoor elements. They also come with a galvanized hinge. The combination of these components with electrostatic rust-inhibitive powder finish provides two durable protective layers. Additionally, our products feature styrofoam insulation that provides exceptional resistance to water and water vapor.

Our stucco access doors are available in a wide array of sizes, as well as custom sizes as specified. See our entire product line by visiting www.accesspanels.ae. Let’s get started with your new project together, call us to request a quote!

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