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Wall Access Doors

Like windows, access panels are a significant part of a building structure. It helps regulate building insulation and achieve great aesthetics in a room by concealing less decorative areas. More importantly, it provides a way in to hidden fixtures behind walls or ceilings. Installation of access doors is an easy, effective and affordable way of making your building significantly safer and more convenient. 

If you’re having a hard time finding a way to preserve access to your building fixtures like plumbing, electrical, or mechanical without compromising the facility’s visual appeal, installing an access door is your best solution. These doors can go unnoticed on your walls by painting or blending the same with the surrounding material. During building inspections, they can also provide easy entry to your plumbing or electrical systems in an instant. 

To help you find the best wall access doors, Access Panels would like to offer you our special product selection. From fire rated door, flush door with flange, insulated access door, recessed access door, removable panel access door, security access door, and surface mounted door, you got everything you need for your construction project. Our panels have a prime coat finish suitable for painting. They can blend with any surrounding material such as gypsum board, acoustical tile, drywall, masonry, thin-coat plaster and other wall and ceiling surfaces. Access Panels offers products that can provide the security required in todays’ schools, hospitals, hotels, and correctional institutions.

Never settle for less when it comes to your choice of access doors. High-profile contractors and project managers get their equipment supply from us, you should, too! Call us today.

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