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Valve Boxes / Cabinets

Valves play a significant role in piping works. This mechanical device regulates or directs the flow of liquid by opening or closing various passageways, either partially or completely. Once broken or damaged, it can easily disrupt the proper operation of your entire building plumbing system. Valve boxes are built for this purpose—to preserve and protect the workings of your valve device. 

Aside from providing protection, a valve box also allows for safe and convenient adjustment or service. For its aesthetic value, putting valves or pipes in a fully enclosed box will not ruin an elegant surface design. Depth of valve cabinets can be modified to meet all valve and control requirements. 

Access Panels has an excellent selection of in-wall installation boxes. You can find a wide array of product sizes, designs, and other additional features. With prime coat suitable for painting, you can easily transform these valve houses to blend with any wall finish. Our products are engineered to provide access to all types of valves and controls which are concealed in the wall. They are fully enclosed and features rounded safety corners, concealed continuous piano hinge, and screwdriver operated cam latch.

Shop a huge selection of valve containers for a variety of indoor or outdoor selections at incredibly low prices from Access Panels! We offer the best products in the industry. For more information, give us a call anytime! 

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